Refresh Market was established in 2011 by two Squamish moms looking to build a ‘new community of local artists, makers, and small shop owners’. As one of BC’s leading indie markets for curated wares and locally made goods, the original market has expanded to include REFRESH FAMILY on Saturday, September 29th from 10am until 3pm at the West Coast Railway Heritage Park. Parking is Free! There will be music, artists, independent makers of quality and locally sourced goods, food truck yumminess, and that cool, friendly Squamish vibe. Help support the mini-maker lineup too, showcasing budding entrepreneurs 16 and under.

Tickets are available for $3 online $5 at the door. Kids 12 and under are Free.

Spring Selling Tips in Squamish

It’s no secret Squamish is beautiful. Snow capped mountain vistas, surrounding old growth forests, 5 glacial fed rivers intertwining and eventually spilling out to Howe Sound, roaring waterfalls, soaring fjords, and have we mentioned the coffee shops? Whoops, I digress. This level of pristine beauty and greenery can only come to you care of Mother Nature herself and after a heavy winter cycle of rain, snow, thaw, rain, repeat; the exteriors of homes tend to look like they’ve weathered a storm…because, well, they have many times over. There’s certain tasks that can be done to ready your property to sell at certain points within the year. Early spring is an active time in the local real estate market and Simon’s team wants your home to be presented in the best light possible for potential home buyers to realize their dream of joining our quaint community. Here are 5 Quick To Do’s to get the exterior of your home ‘market-ready’.

1. Power wash driveways and walkways. I can’t stress this weird, typically overlooked suggestion enough. This is a great job to do rain or shine and, boy, does it make a difference! Off with the mossy sludge that sneaks into those shadowy corners! Out with the sand, salt, and grit from road maintenance that inevitably gets tracked into your house everyday! Every. Day. It’s like a clean shave for your home; everything looks fresher, brighter, and a whole lotta smooth.

2. Remove seasonal décor. Those holiday lights that took 3 hours to untangle, 2 hours to hang, and another 4 hours to find the faulty bulb? Yes, those. Remove them without attempting to justify that the new homeowners will have to hang lights again anyway. Bah, humbug.

3. Spit and polish. Is your brass front door handle tarnished or tired looking from the damp weather? It is possible to salvage those door handles with silver or brass polish so they appear new and, oooohh, look! something S H I N Y…. What were we talking about?

4. Front door mat. It welcomes your visitors, stops grit in its tracks, asks for nothing in return, and yet, we stomp all over it and treat it like a door mat. Time to freshen the stomp with a neutral coconut coir mat. Avoid the ones with cute/sarcastic sayings, like ‘If You’re Pizza, Amazon, or Ryan Gosling, I’m Home’. A simple ‘Welcome’ is ok, but that’s as far as we’ll go.

5. Have you ever been to Paris in the spring? Magical. Rephrase: Magical landmine. If you cease to look down while walking, there’s an inexplicable squish underfoot that will have you rhyming off French words you didn’t even know you knew! Have a thorough sweep of front, side, and rear yards to ensure that your furry creatures (or your, ahem, neighbour’s) haven’t left a winter’s worth of souvenirs. Obviously, a sh!##y chore. *No image provided…you’ll just have to use your imagination.

The above list is short, sweet, and requires very little cost to complete. As a future home seller, it helps to adjust your mindset from ‘this is my home’, to ‘I am going to maximize my return on this investment!’. By having a fresh, clean exterior entry, potential home buyers can feel relaxed and start planning their house-warming BBQ, rather than thinking of the chore list that you’ve left for them to complete.